IoR Book 2 Chapter 20.1

Book 2 Chapter 20.1 – The Overlord Accepts a Disciple

“Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body? What is that?” Li Yang was a bit puzzled.

Xiang Yu didn’t answer Li Yang’s confusion, and instead began to move about his tremendous primordial spirit energy to directly refine Tian Gang’s body. The power was so great that it could reconstruct a body, not to mention something like curing a gunshot wound. Following that, the bullet wound began to disappear at a visible pace.

“Mu Yi, it’s you! I owe you my life once again!” Tian Gang’s face had a hint of gratitude. It was also Li Yang who had saved him the last time he fought against the church’s people.

Tian Gang suddenly had a stupefied look on his face when he saw the wound on his chest. His wound had mysteriously begun to close on its own! Even though Tian Gang knew that his body was in good condition, there was no way it would be abnormal to this degree.

In just a few minutes, his wound didn’t even leave behind a scar. Only then did Tian Gang raise his head to look towards Li Yang in shock. “This… this, Mu Yi, just what is going on?” He simply couldn’t believe that someone could recover with such speed.

Li Yang began to helplessly laugh because he didn’t how to reply. Was he supposed to say that this was his doing? However, he clearly didn’t have this kind of strength, as it was something that Overlord Xiang Yu did. But how was he supposed to tell Tian Gang about Xiang Yu’s existence? Li Yang could only release a forced laugh towards Tian Gang.

“It’s better to not ask. I’ll bring you back first.” Li Yang carried Tian Gang on his back and with the movement of his leg, his body immediately began to float in the air like the wind. The tips of his feet gently gathered momentum from the walls twice before Li Yang entered his own villa from the balcony. He placed Tian Gang on his own bed.

“Mu Yi…”

“Get some rest first! We can talk about everything else later!” Li Yang saw that Tian Gang was about to say something, so he said this in a hurry. Following that, he walked towards the balcony before closing the door that separated it from the room.

Li Yang laughed bitterly. “Overlord, Tian Gang is going to ask me what happened soon. How am I supposed to reply?”

“Just tell him that Overlord personally took action to save him. This Tian Gang is quite useful for Overlord. En, Overlord’s fourth disciple will be him!” Xiang Yu laughed as he spoke.

Li Yang stared blankly. Overlord Xiang Yu never told him about what went on in the Devil Realm, so he never thought that he already had three disciples.

“Overlord, you wanted to accept him as a disciple, but how come you never wanted to take me in as a disciple? Could it be that my, Li Yang’s, aptitude is lower and Overlord didn’t see much in me?” Li Yang joked.

Xiang Yu surprisingly replied, “Heng heng, even if Overlord wanted to accept you as a disciple, would you be willing? After being with you all this time, Overlord understands your character completely. The chances of you becoming a disciple of mine are definitely low.”

Within the Security Bureau in the past, Li Yang was still rather modest. However, after experiencing so much, the current Li Yang was rather proud and aloof. Wanting to take him in as a disciple was truly difficult.

“Even though we aren’t master and disciple in name, we are still master and disciple!” Li Yang sighed inwardly, but didn’t let Xiang Yu notice this.

Even though Xiang Yu was within Li Yang’s sea of consciousness, all of the words they spoke to each other were controlled by the mind. Normally, there was no way for Xiang Yu to know what Li Yang was thinking unless Xiang Yu used his primordial spirit to forcefully enter Li Yang’s mind.

“Right, Overlord, how are you going to take him in as a disciple? Are you going to enter his body with your primordial spirit from within mine?” Li Yang asked Xiang Yu with a bit of unwillingness. Xiang Yu had been inside his sea of consciousness for so long already, and during his most difficult times, it was always he who helped him. Receiving help at the most dangerous points always made one feel appreciation, and within Li Yang’s heart, he always looked up to Overlord as a father-like figure.

“No need. Li Yang, your cultivation is already comparatively higher, and your mind is also more powerful. Even if another cultivator were to show up, there would still be no way for them to break through your mind’s protection to notice Overlord. Even though that youngster Tian Gang has the Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body, his mind and spirit aren’t comparable to that of a golden dan expert’s. Staying within his sea of consciousness isn’t as safe as yours!” Even though Xiang Yu replied like this, Li Yang still knew that once Xiang Yu decided to stay within a person’s sea of consciousness, it was still impossible to notice him with the strength of a Mortal Realm’s cultivation. Moreover, what kind of truth cultivator would have the time to investigate another?

Xiang Yu also felt some affection for Li Yang, and didn’t want to leave him. However, Xiang Yu wasn’t willing to admit it, so that’s why he responded like so!

“Since Overlord’s primordial spirit isn’t going to move into him, how are you going to accept him as your disciple?” Li Yang asked in reply.

Xiang Yu laughed and said, “What kind of person is Overlord? Could it be that I don’t even have some kind of small technique to transfer sound to another? Overlord will directly talk to him mentally and reveal some of my power to scare him a bit. If you help and add in a few words, how could Tian Gang not believe me?”

“Right, exactly what kind of thing is the Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body?

Xiang Yu explained, “ The Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body is something that cultivators dream of obtaining the most. If you possess the Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body, as soon as you practice earth elemental techniques, you would progress far more rapidly. You would advance ten times faster than ordinary people! However, this Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body is extremely difficult to find. Even with Overlord’s primordial spirit, I couldn’t notice Tian Gang’s Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body normally. It was only after completely covering his body just now did I notice.”

“Is the Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body truly as Overlord is describing, where there is only one out in millions of millions?” How many people were on Earth? According to probability, it was already ridiculous that a single one appeared on Earth. Li Yang had a hard time believing that it ended up like this.

Xiang Yu laughed loudly. “Heng heng, Earth isn’t the only part of the Mortal Realm. The entire Mortal Realm has who knows how many millions of millions. Nevermind speaking of the Mortal Realm, even the amount of people in the Devil Realm is terrifying. There are over a hundred million people in Overlord’s territory alone, and the numbers are even more ridiculous in a Devil General or Devil Emperor’s territory.

Li Yang still didn’t understand how formidable the Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body was.

“The Blessed Xiantian bodies are divided into six different types, being the Blessed Xiantian Metal Body, Blessed Xiantian Wood Body, Blessed Xiantian Water Body, Blessed Xiantian Flame Body, Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body, as well as the legendary Blessed Xiantian Pentagon Body that has never appeared before.” Xiang Yu’s words were full of longing.

“Li Yang, it is truly a pity. If you had one of these Blessed Xiantian bodies, then Overlord would be able to leave the Mortal Realm earlier. Unfortunately, you don’t.” Xiang Yu was making fun of Li Yang as he spoke.

Haha, with the ‘Devil God’s Six Extremes’, Flying Dagger’s ‘Seven Astral Heavenly Extremes’, the heavens have already given me quite a bit. What else is there to be greedy about?” Li Yang didn’t seem to mind. If it was something that only showed up out of millions and millions, then it was normal for him to not have a Blessed Xiantian Body.

“Alright, Overlord is now going to take in Tian Gang as a disciple!” Xiang Yu spoke this seriously to Li Yang. He definitely had his mind set on getting Tian Gang as a disciple.

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