PoW Chapter 167

And with this chapter, I will leave my PoW adventures on a sad note. It seems that Qidian is now cracking down on translations without their authorization, and even though I haven’t been told to stop (probably because I never picked up this project officially), they probably will if if I continue to do so.

Hopefully, things are not as bleak as it seems for the chinese novel world. One day, I may regret my words when the QI devours every project and reigns supreme.

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Translated by FatChinee

Edit: hmmmm

Sad News

After reassessing my current priorities, I have decided it is for the best that I drop Inch of Radiance.

I have already been translating it roughly once a month, and that is not enough to be considered an active project. I have uploaded the last chapter of it, and from here on out, there will no longer be any new translations posted on this site. That may change in the future, but for now I will focus on translating Perfect World, which is on wuxiaworld.

If you have any questions, I would gladly answer them in the comments section below!